Winter 2014 Look Book

We took to the streets of our 'hood in Bushwick Brooklyn for our Winter Look Book. The neighborhood has changed a lot since I first moved here three years ago, and continues to change every day. For one, there's all kinds of graffiti by The Bushwick Collective—an outdoor street gallery featuring the murals of artists from all over the world. The murals have gotten a lot of press, and I've seen more than one tourist group (even a high school field trip!) roaming the streets and taking in the art this fantastic neighborhood has to offer. Who knows how long this will last as the street becomes more and more gentrified, but I like to hope that Bushwick will keep some of it's grittiness as the years pass. If not, then you can at least see the art immortalized right here.

Shop the looks in the Winter collection now.

Photographer: Liz Hull
Stylist & Model: Emily Theobald

January 03, 2014 by Liz Hull
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