Summer's Not Over: Summer 2014 Look Book

If there's one thing I hate it's when you start seeing all those back-to-school and fall ads when it's still the beginning of August. Does anyone really want summer to end? Nope, not me. Not Mayflower. Besides, it stays warm in the Northeast until at least October, so screw 'em.

That's why I headed out west to Palm Springs for our summer shoot with one of my oldest gal pals, Emily, and the incredibly talented Eliz Weinberg. If you don't already know Eliz's work from publications like NYLON and the New York Times, you should definitely check her out. 

Eliz spent years in Boston and NYC before settling in LA, so she understands our pain and yearning for summer back east. She perfectly captured the feeling of those warm, endless days summer is known for–when you have no plans, and no particular place to go. Frankly, the weather in California is enough to make me consider a cross country move myself...

Anyway, the point is: Summer forever. Shop the collection now.

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Stylist: Liz Hull
Model: Emily Twombly

August 11, 2014 by Liz Hull
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