Aran Sweaters

Our favorite vintage pieces are those with a rich history, which often involves a tale of form and function. Clothing wasn't always made just for fashion purposes, but to help those wearing the garments to live and work more efficiently. A perfect example of this is the Aran sweater.

More commonly known as fisherman sweaters, the Aran sweater takes it origins from the Aran Island off the West coast of Ireland. Born from its environment and knitted primarily by the wives of fishermen, these jumpers with their distinguished and complex stitches are wrapped in history and traditions. 

Originally the sweaters were knitted using unscoured wool that retained its natural oils which made the garments water-resistant and meant they remained wearable even when wet. Legend has it that each family’s sweater was knitted in a cable unique to their clan. The morbid purpose was to identify fishermen who were lost at sea. Their sweaters would wash to shore, and the women and children who longed for the return of their fathers and brothers would search the beaches in search of their lost loved ones belongings.

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October 28, 2013 by Liz Hull
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